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Make Facebook work for your brand in 2018.

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Make Facebook work for your brand in 2018.

Facebook is an usual beast and for the most part it’s still very beneficial for your brand  online and social presence. However, you may be worried about the direction Facebook is going after their recent announcement stating that they will be prioritizing content from friends and family, rather than from businesses and brands. This announcement came largely due to the fact that many users left Facebook due to being bombarded with business posts and advertising. So while on a whole this new movement  is detriment to businesses and brands who rely heavily on Facebook for marketing, you can still be successful in your approach.

While we recommend a monthly advertising budget for your social media strategy, another key metric will also greatly assist in still having your brands Facebooks post seen. This is engagement. Yes, if your content is getting good engagement from fans, followers and customers it will have a much higher chance of been shown organically to more users.

So how can you drive engagement for your brand?  Well the age of saying “content is king” won’t go amiss here. The better the content, the more inspiring and thought provoking it is will definitely assist in driving up engagement. Further to this, locally created content with a creative outlook will defiantly help in grabbing the users attention and driving them to engage. You don’t need to be the next Peter McKinnon or Chris Burkard to create amazing, local content.  We live in a world of hi-resolution phones with an abundance of modes such as slo-mo, hyperlapse, portrait and boomerang. Get creative and use these to your benefit. A quick YouTube search can guide you through any technical mishaps and also provide the much-need inspiration we all need at times.


What are you waiting for? Make Facebook work for your brand in 2018.


“Sam Ayres is the Social Media Director at Durban based digital agency, Tenzing”